Rada – Declaration of safety access to your phone device features

Your app, Rada, be built for helping users to instantly connect to the Service Providers (SP) around your living place. To get app fully running we need some sensitive permission to access to some device or phone feature describe as follow:

  • Camera phone access: The camera phone use whether users wanna take pictures to describe the current condition of a device/equipment/machine got problems and to send to SP for evaluating. The camera phone also can be used for Service claiming or Rada OTT video call feature.
  • Microphone access: Rada app have the OTT call/video call feature to help user/provider/rada operation team to communicate and describe details of user current condition or negotiation regarding price/solutions/time… to fix.
  • Phone Account: For more convenience and defense abuse/fake or un-identify request to send to service suppliers in our system, we need to synchronize your main phone account.
  • Phone contact: There is no hidden access from app to phone contact only your run the sharing feature to tell your friends about a useful app and recommend them.
  • SMS: This feature active when you have no internet connection or low data connection to send the request to the service provider. This will be used to sent the reset password to our system. There no other hidden SMS sending to leak your phone account.
  • GPS: To identify your request location and identify around service provider, we need to access to your phone GPS. Other it’s can not be running.
  • User Identification Number: To validate the user for the real transaction and avoid the fake request, we need to store User ID for investigating in a case of violating the law or local legislation.

Data transmission:

For transmitting your data that between app and server, we use https method to encrypt all information to avoid data leak trough the network.

Our commitment:

We commit only use your phone features and user data for app functions as describe above to serve you under your decision and will not leak any information that may harm or perform any illegal regarding your privacy right under the law in working country or policy of the app delivery platform.

Any further discuss please contact us in the following information:

Rada team
Email: contact@rada.asia – thaitq@rada.asia
Phone: +84 395.911.911
Addr: #48 Le Van Thiem, Hanoi, Vietnam